Configuring JMeter Part 13 - Path and Properties

In this article we are going to see how can we configure jmeter by changing property of JMeter. In this section we will see the different mode settings for class path and properties in jmeter.propertie.

In the jmeter installed bin directory(in my case C:\apache-jmeter-2.8\bin), we get a file named Open this with note pad.

----------------------- Classpath configuration-------------------------------
-To define for searching jmeter Extensions(Do not use this for utility jars, ). These are just addional to default lib/ext.

-To define additional class path for utility jars or JUnit test cases

-To specify the class finder for GUI/Non GUI mode classes.
[ Comment those if there any problem
Note : The classpath finder currently needs to load every single JMeter class to find the classes it needs.For non-GUI mode, it's only necessary to scan for Function classes, but all classes
are still loaded. In here, I used , .gui for GUI mode classes and .function Non-Gui Mode.]

-----------------------Additional property files to load-----------------------------
-To set additional properties . we can change by wither editing those property file or assign those property with our custom property file and assign them here.

[Note, if we assign those, it will look for it, if not(disabled), this two file will be ignored]

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  1. Hi I couldnot figure out the difference between user.classpath, plugin_dependency_paths , search_paths

    1. User class path applied on specific user, not jmeter as a whole. and,plugin_dependency_paths- refers to a plugins related library path(let say, a report plug in need jsoup library), search_paths - is the path. for default searching.
      If you need to know for specific purpose, mail me.

    2. I am writing a code using JMeter classes and require some Jar files which I set path in eclipse. Should I make changes in and if yes, which of the above asked (user.classpath, plugin_dependency_paths , search_paths) should change

    3. if you are writing Jmeter codes, you can directly change with your custom functions. This tutorial is for changing property file so that any one can customize Jmeter without changing the code.
      BTW, if you are writing custom function, no need to change user properties, change jmeter properties.
      And, for plugin dependency paths, default set to \lib and \lib\ext... and search path is located here for new plugins... if you server keep plugins in different path, only then change... without that, u need not to change...