Shantonu is a Software Development Engineer in Test(Automation & Performance) working for in Luxoft USA(INSYS Group) (On site AT&T). Before moving to Europe in 2014, he was founder Director for a start-up named QualitySofts in Dhaka , Bangladesh. He was also involved as Automation consultant (contract)in several reputed companies as well as Govt projects (hi-tech park, Bangladesh,LICT, BITM, BASIS etc). He started his career as a Asst. Software Engineer in 2008 . Before coming to software industry , he was Computer Teacher in an English Medium School.

He has attended in several professions trainings on Java, Dotnet,Python,  Software Design & Architecture, Agile Testing,Web Security, ISTQB during his professional career.

Shantonu has completed BSc(4 year) in Computer Science from ISTT  (under National University of Bangladesh).

Shantonu used to participate monthly on-line meet-up with Bangladesh software testing professionals (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sqabd/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/451433334988583/) and java user group Bangladesh (https://www.facebook.com/groups/jugbd/) which is conducted in native Bangla language. Here is his youtube channel link(meet up recording) and github link(sharing projects). 

This is shantonu’s personal blog used for sharing information. If you have any interesting problem related to Automation(Function or Performance)Testing mail you problem, he will try to answer on weekends. He is also available to hire for interesting contractual work via upwork. See HireMe Page for detail contact information.

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  1. A bit of formatting would help people read the blog easily.

    - Abdullah Rana (ReliSource)

  2. hello,

    I am new at Software testing .Only 1 year experience on manual testing.I am also to learn automation testing.I am also learning java .Is it helpful at automation testing Or i will need to learn more language .Please give me suggestion to do well on testing field.

    Sumon Chandra Nath.

  3. Before starting any language, learn basic OOP. Then start with JAVA or c#. May framework build over JAVA , it is good choice but, it depends on your career target. There are a lot of scopes for test automation using visual studio and c# also. So, decide based on your target. Initially Java will be helpful to understand the basics.

  4. - I am a young software test professional.
    - I have 1 Yr+ experience in functional testing.
    - My oop concept is beginner level.

    Now i am sharing my future plan, pls suggest me if u feel any change or addition is required.

    - I am planning to learn python as a new learner. I want to cover most parts of python.

    - I am planning to learn automated testing (Selenium)

    - I am planning to learn performance/load testing (QTP & LoadRunner)

    Now as i don't have the opportunity to learn/practice above mentioned things at my office, so please suggest me the best & easy way to learn all these by myself (mainly testing related learning).

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Self learning is the best learning. And, it's a good choice that you are trying the best. Start with basic OOP(may be java/python/c#). Have strong idea on OOP. then language will not have any issue.
      Selenium IDE, webdriver, GRID are good for start.
      For performance testing, first have strong hold over application architecture and deployment, then go for it. Learning performance tool is very easy. But, from a performance tester, only testing is not expected. Usually pinpointing bottlenecks is the key issue. Start with Load Runner , it's easy.

    2. Thanks a lot. i'll follow your suggestion.

  5. I am fresh graduate.I want to start my career as QA Engineer.In my academic period i have learn C++ and Java basic.But there is no course regarding Software Testing.So what should i learn before start my career.Do i need to learn programming language??Or what should i study or practice by my self to get a job.In BASIS there is no training on Software Testing.And most of the company don't hire fresher.So please give some suggestion and help me to build my career.

    I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Anonymous...:)

      1. If you want to be an automation QA, you need programming language(spatially unit testing with java/c#) to learn. in basis, they teach unit testing.
      2. QA training is company specific, that is why no so much qa. If you want to learn any particular technology, then you have to follow that. my opinion, join any where as fresher and start with qa basic. you may have some guidance from ISTQB course materials. And, SQABD has very good resource to learn QA.


  6. You have a great blog and a very good source of information. Just a bit of formatting in code will be perfect. TX

    1. Thank you and thanks for the suggestion. I am also thinking of using some plugins.

  7. Hello Vaiya,

    After finishing BDJOBS training on April (15,16) under your guidance I started learning Automation in Selenium WebDriver (C#) and it's awesome. At the same time I started my BLOG (http://enggsagar.wordpress.com). I'm trying to write down at my blog whatever I'm learning. If you have sometime please visit that & let me know your thinking about my blog and help me to improve myself.

    Thanks! a lot.
    Kamrul Alam
    Senior QA Engineer

  8. Hi Shantonu,

    I need to load test an application having NTLM authentication using JMeter tool.I followed the steps mentioned at location
    but failed to run the tests successfully. Still showing Unauthorized Access (402) error.
    Can you please help me to resolve the issue please

    1. please email me your JMX+ screen shot of error + jmeter log.


  9. Hello Shantonu,
    I have been working as a manual tester for 1year. I want to learn automation testing. Could you please guide me how can I learn automation testing. I have very few knowledge in java/c#. Should I need to start learning these languages extensively? Or I can start with my knowledge?

    1. Automation is software development. I prefer to start with any development language. python will be easy. you can start Java too.
      After that, target for one area of Automation . Automation has large sectors, try with single path and complete that.

      good luck.

  10. Hi Shantanu,

    i have 5 years of exp in mixed type of testing as per requirement of the project ( Manual + Automation + J meter + Small knowledge in security testing ) . I want to focus on (security + Performance ) for my next carrier . can u please guide me where i can start so that i can success on my next carrier.

    1. Hi

      Security & Performance both it self separate large sector. Be specific first. Initially it is important to choose one particular area and complete the full learning curve. And then you can extend your horizontal skills.

      First thing first, before starting any of your interesting area (perf/security).. it is important to have development skills. Choose any language and complete a whole project in professional way. It will help you know all underline items of an application architecture. And in the day end those will be needed for performance or security testing.