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In this section I am going to list all of my posts related to Dot Net for both Development and Testing. I am using VS 2010 most of the posts but some areas, I have used VS 2012. My experience regarding Dot Net
1. Developing Desktop tools for test
2. Developing WCF Service for test and report.
3. Unit testing for different application & frameworks, ASP.Net and SharePoint
4. Function Testing and Framework building in Coded UI and Selenium
5. Performance testing (load and stress) & Report analysis for web applications and database.

Not all links have posts. I am adding posts incrementally.

DotNet Framework : 
What are the elements inside DotNet?
What is CLR? How it works? 

Dotnet Performance : 
CLR Monitoring Counters :  
Dotnet Performance Counter : JIT Compiler
Dotnet Performance Counter : Exception
Dotnet Performance Counter : Memory counters
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Thread counters
Dotnet Performance Counter:CLR Interop
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Class loaders
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Security
Dotnet Web Performance Counter : CLR Network

Profililers : 

C# DotNet : 
1. Read Write Text File in c#,
2. Implementing Crystal Report using UDL
3. How to read and write XML in c#?
4. How to get SQL Server instances from network?

  WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
1. What is WCF?
2. What is Basic Architecture of an WCF application?
3. Developing a WCF application and framework library
4. How to debug/test a WCF application in VS?
5. How to deploy/publish a WCF application?(including deploy.cmd)
6. Posting Message to a hosted WCF application.
7. Using WCF application from non Dot Net client.
8. How global.asax work with WCF?
9. What is contract in WCF?
10. What is binding in WCF?

NUnit : Unit Testing
1. Introduction to NUnit
2. How to write NUnit Test Cases?

 Unit Testing with Xunit
(Coming soon)

Unit Testing with MS Test
1. How to write unit test cases for DotNet built in MS test?
2. How to run MS Test cases?
3. How to get test reports of performed unit tests?
4. Basics of integration of unit tests with build.

Pex and Moles (Including Sharepoint and ASP.Net apps)
1. What is pex & mole
2. How to install pex & mole
3. Writing test case in pex & mole
4. Refactoring tests in pex & mole
5. Planning your test cases in pex & mole way(how to analyze and think)
6. SharePoint WebPart testing in pex & mole.

MTM(Microsoft Test Manager)
1. What is MTM?
2. How to set up MTM with TFS?
3. Working basics with MTM
4. How to create test cases in MTM?
5. How to create shared steps in MTM?
6. How to record test steps in MTM?
7. How to payback recorded steps in MTM?
8. How to plan for test cases in MTM(thinking in MTM way)?
9. How to create VMs in MTM?

Coded UI
1. What is Coded UI and How to start working with coded ui?
2. How to record steps?
3. How to edit recorded steps?
4. How to perform tests and collect reports?
5. Building Framework for your application in Coded UI
6. Thinking in Coded UI way before writing test cases.

Performance Testing  with Dot Net
1. How to start load testing in MS Load test
2. How to start performance(stress)testing ?
3. How to recording performance test scenario?
4. How to perform recorded test in load test?
5. How to get and analysis the load/performance test reports?
6. How to arrange all kinds tests with ordered test?(making Execution order)

IIS 7 & 7.5
1. How to install IIS
2. How to configure IIS for web deployment?
3. IIS settings details for wcf apps
4. What are compatibility settings to run various type of application? 
5. IIS security factors.
6. Creating and configuring Virtual Directory in IIS.

Visual Studio Project/Template Architecture
(coming soon)
1. Windows Form Applications
2. WPF application
3. WCF Application
4. ASP.Net Application
Asp.Net MVC application
5. Windows service application
6. Framework/libraries
7. Console Application
8. Silver lite Application
9. Setup/Deployment Application(VS2010)
10. Crystal Report Application
11. Modeling Project
12. Test Projects

CruiseContro : Continuous Integration
[Coming Soon]
1. How to install
2. How to setup for a project
3. CruiseContro Management
4. How to use CruiseContro

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