In this section I have listed all of my posts related to JAVA for both Development and Testing. I am using Eclipse and sometimes IntelliJ. My experience regarding Java
1. Develop/Customize Desktop Application (swing)
2. Function Testing and Framework building with Selenium, Sahi, Robotium.
3. Unit testing for different application & frameworks
4. Using java tools for JVM/System/server performance monitoring,
5. Performance profiling, code review for Middle-ware & Persistence layer.

------------------- Java Language---------------------

How to install JAVA
- Adding path to environment for windows and Linux pc (CentOS)

Java Basics : 
A quick overview on JVM Architecture
How Java gets the classes?
What is java annotation? How it works?Let's make custom annotation.

Java Thread & Synchronization 
1. Java Thread & Synchronization : How to use thread?

2. Java Thread & Synchronization : Basic introduction.

Java / JVM Troubleshooting 

---------------Java / JVM Tools-----------------
-java/javaw-The Java Application Launcher Commands
-jar-The Java Archiving Tool
-javac - The Java compiler
-idlj, IDL-to-Java Compiler
-javaws - Java Web Start launcher
-jdb - The Java Debugger
-jrunscript-command line script shell
-jhat - Java Heap Analysis Tool
-jstack-Java Stack Trace
-jmap - Java Memory Map Printer
-jconsole - Java Monitoring and Management Console
-jps - JVM Process Status Tool 
-jstat - Tool for JVM Statistics Monitoring
--Virtual Machine Identifier(VMI)
-- Host Identifier(hostId)
-jstatd -JVM Remote Monitoring(jstat daemon) 
-keytool - Managing Key and Certificate in Java
--How import works for new Trusted Certificate?
--How import works for Certificate Reply?  
-apt-Annotation Processing Tool in Java

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