In this page we are going to see posts related to Performance Engineering. That means, it will contain  topics related to
1. Performance Testing
2. Performance Testing tools
3. Performance Monitoring for Application
4. Performance Monitoring for Infrastructure
5. Performance Analysis and Investigation
6. Application Profiling and tools.

Performance Engineering/ Testing:

Performance Testing Basics : 
Performance Testing in a Nutshell
What is Load Testing? How to do it
What is Stress Testing? How to do it
What are Performance Testing types?

Performance Requirements : 
Why Performance Test? Performance test goals.
What are Performance requirements?
What is Client side performance testing?
How to formulate Performance SLA or Baseline requirements ?
Measuring web page Performance(Navigation timing)
-> Browser Tools
-> Browser Plugins
-> Selenium
-> JavaScript (navigation API)
-> Junit annotation
-> Junit Performance

Performance test planning: 
What is VUser ? How to write VUser or Performance or Performance Test Script? 
Qualities of a Performance test script
Performance Testing Tips : Writing test script  
What are the approaches in performance testing?
How to design load scenario for performance testing?

How to define performance strategy of an application from test results?
How to build Performance Requirements where no requirements?
What is Capacity Planning?
What is Co-Relation or Parametrization? Co-Relation or Parametrization Check List

Performance analysis : 
-> Top-Down Approach
-> Bottom-Up Approach

Performance Reporting :
Performance Matrices: Part 1 : Load Generator Matrices...
How to report after Performance Testing? 
Performance Bugs: How to find? How to report?
Performance Reporting : KPI 
How to make reports(and comments) in Jmeter?
What are the Reports/Listeners in JMeter?
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Listeners 
What is Performance Reporting? Example with web application

What types of Graph/Chart/Table we use to show Performance Reports?
Performance Reports & Graphs for
->Business Development Unit.
->Development Team./SQA

Performance Monitoring ,Analysis ,Investigation & Optimization:

Java Out of Memory Error simulation. 
Java Run Time error/exceptions:Out of Memory(OOM) What & why?
JVM Exception/Error Example: OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
OutOfMemoryError :PermGen space or Metaspace Example: JVM Exception/Error

Java / JVM Troubleshooting 

Java Profiling : 
What are Java Framework Tools? How to use JAVA Framework built-in resource monitoring tools?
-jhat - Java Heap Analysis Tool
-jstack-Java Stack Trace
-jmap - Java Memory Map Printer
-jps - JVM Process Status Tool
-jstat - Tool for JVM Statistics Monitoring
-jstatd -JVM Remote Monitoring(jstat daemon)
-jdb - The Java Debugger
-Java Virtual VM

DotNet /Microsoft Technologies : 
What are the elements inside DotNet?, Basic Architecture
What is CLR? How it works?

DotNet CLR Monitoring Counters :  
Dotnet Performance Counter : JIT Compiler
Dotnet Performance Counter : Exception
Dotnet Performance Counter : Memory counters
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Thread counters
Dotnet Performance Counter:CLR Interop
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Class loaders
Dotnet Performance Counter : CLR Security
Dotnet Web Performance Counter : CLR Network

What is Performance Monitoring? What are the parameters?
What is Resource Resource Monitoring ? Log, Memory, Processor, Network, Exception, Events,
Common performance problems for web application?
Performance Analysis : Asp.Net Performance Problems
Performance Analysis : How to profile application? Basic
Performance Investigation: Performance Analysis/Profiling in general.
Performance Investigation : Creating scenario and Data collection.
Performance Investigation : Paperer environment for profiling.
Performance Investigation: Memory Analysis/Profiling in general.
Performance Investigation: How to get performance issues?
Performance Investigation: How to get memory issues?
Performance Investigation: How to get memory leaks?

ANTS Memory/Performance  Profiler
1. Introduction to UI
2. Performance investigation with Performance profiler
3. Memory investigation with Performance profiler
4. Memory leak investigation with Memory profiler.

Dot Trace/ Memory Profiler
1. Introduction to UI
2. Performance investigation wit Dot trace
3. Memory investigation with Dot trace
4. Memory leak investigation with Dot Memory.

PerfView (free Microsoft provided performance /memory profiler) and VM Map
1. Introduction to UI
2. Data collection process via UI and Command line
3. Data collection for ASP.Net application
4. Memory analysis
5. Finding memory leak
6. CPU Analysis
7. Thread Analysis
8. Finding Performance Problems
9. I/O Analysis
10. Finding I/O problem and tweaks.

System Internal Tools Suit :
Windows Internal Tools
Linux Internal tools

Browser Based Tools :
How to monitor your application using Firefox with tools?(Functionality, Traffic, Requests)
How to monitor your application using IE.
How to monitor your application using Chrome.

 Process Status history, Object Dump etc.
How to use Windows built-in resource monitoring tools?
How to use Ubuntu built-in resource monitoring tools?
How to use Android built-in resource monitoring tools?
How to use CentOS built-in resource monitoring tools?
How to use BSD built-in resource monitoring tools?

Resource Definitions :
What is CPU? Measuring parameters of CPU performance?
-CPU-Z, GPU-Z. 3D mark.
What is Memory? Measuring parameters of Memory Performance?
What is Storage? Measuring parameters of Storage Performance?
 HD Tune Pro.
What is Network? Measuring parameters of Network Performance?

WAPTPro : One of my Favorite tool.
1. Introduction to WAPTPro

Performance Testing Using From Code : 

How to use Unit Tests to measure time? Example with
JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, MS Unit.
How to measure time in Java/Dotnet building libraries.
How to send requests parallel in Java?
How to send requests parallel in DotNet?
Understanding Architecture:
-Client Server model
-Network Configurations
-Different Protocals

Common Performance Problem & Optimization : 
1. Common Web Performance Optimization
2. Webservers

3. App Servers
-Tom Cat
Common Performance Problems in
4. Java Spring/JS Application
5. ASP.NET web Applications.
6. SharePoint Applications.
7. PHP CMS Applications.   -Drupal
-Open Cart


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