This is separate page for selenium. I have been working on selenium since 2010. I have worked on selenium with c#, Java and Ruby(including watir framework). I am also familiar with selenium python. Topics listed here will be linked to my post. Some, topic you may find with no post as I am working on posting on those topics. My initial examples and work with selenium c#. We can work in selenium in
1. Browser : Firefox driver, Chrome driver, IE, PhantomJS, Opera driver, Safari driver, Html Driver
2. Mobile : Android driver, IOS driver

My posts Related to selenium with C# and JAVA are :Basics
1. Setting up Selenium Webdriver
2. Recording in Selenium IDE and Generating WebDriver Code
3. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver(Tab test)
4. Basic Functions in Selenium IDE
5. Test Thinking in Selenium WebDriver way
6. How to manage browsers in Selenium WebDriver
7. How to Manage Cookies in Selenium WebDriver
8. How to insert data in Selenium WebDriver
9. How to Find a web element in Selenium Webdriver
10. How to manage Browser Timeouts in Selenium WebDriver
11. How to work with Window and Frames in Selenium WebDriver
12. How to select and deselect web element in selenium webdriver.
13. Working with Selected item in Selenium Webdriver
14. How to run JavaScript in selenium WebDriver
15. How to run selenium webdriver code in IE
-- Setting Authentication  via http URL(htaccess) 
16. How to press Keyboard in selenium webdriver?
17. How to drag and drop in Selenium webdriver
18. Actions in selenium webdriver
19. Administrating Firefox in Selenium Webdriver
20. How to work with Proxy in Selenium WebDriver
21. How to change user agent in Firefox by selenium webdriver
22. How to run selenium webdriver in Google Chrome?
23. How to take a screenshot in selenium webdriver?
24. How to work with a web element in Selenium WebDriver
25. How to work with JavaScript Alert in Selenium WebDriver
26. How to install TestNG in Eclipse?
27. How to create selenium Junit Test Cases?
28. How to create selenium TestNG Test Cases?
29. Necessary Java Annotations for selenium test execution and reporting.
30.What is HTML? Basic HTML structure needed for selenium.
31. How to validate static HTML pages/items?
32. What is Xpath? How to determine the best Xpath?
33. What is CSS? How to determine the best CSS selector?
34. Refactoring Selenium Test cases

Selenium Advance :
1. How to think/plan for selenium test?
2. What is Page Object Pattern?
3. What is Keyword Driven Framework?
4. What is Data Driven Framework?
5. What is Hybrid Framework?
6. How to plan and build an Hybrid Framework?
7. Introduction to Layer Architecture.
8. How to make package a Selenium Function Testing Solution
9. Parallel Test Execution in selenium.  

Running selenium tests without IDE :
1. How to run selenium test with ANT/Maven?
2. How to run selenium test with SVN?
3. How to run selenium test with Hudson/Jenkins?
4. How to run selenium test with NANT/Cruise Control?

Flash Selenium :

Sikuli Selenium : 

IOS/Android/WP Selenium : 

Selenium with Jmeter :

Selenium RC: 
1. What is selenium RC?How it works?
2. How to installing selenium RC?
3. Run and Mange Testing Selenium RC.
- Running
- Stopping from command/Browser
- Running From IDE(eclipse)
4. How to work with acceptance Testing in RC home page?

Selenium Grid : 
1. How to setup selenium Grid for parallel execution?
2. How to write Selenium Grid capable unit tests?
3. How to add windows(for IE) to selenium Hub?
4. How to add MAC(for Firefox) to selenium Hub?
5. How to add I-phone(for iWebdriver) to selenium Hub?
6. How to add Android to selenium Hub?
7. How to execute parallel Scrips with TestNG?

Selenium Integration with Build Systems :
1. Integrating selenium Grid with Jenkins.
2. Integration selenium with Cruise Control
3. Integration selenium with Team City
4. Integration selenium with Gardle
5. Integration selenium with MS Build
6. Integration selenium with Target Process
7. Integration selenium with

Selenium Python :
1. How to install selenium with python?
2. Writing code with python & selenium.
3. Python basic unit test and selenium test
4. How python works with selenium?
5. Running tests with Firefox, IE and Chrome.
6. How to locate elements?
7. How to perform actions with selenium?
8. Working with alerts.
9. How to manage cookies?
10. How to manage windows and frames?
11. How to drag & drop?
12. How to run Java Scrips?
13. How to take screenshots?
14. How to handle Wait(wait for element) ?
15. How to execute parallel scripts with Grid?


  1. Hi again, Shantonu!
    Could you please me with the following issue:
    i need to test page attributes editing. On the page i got several inputs and the problem is that its values have some js load delay.
    I can wait for this element - wait.until(ExpectedConditions.visibilityOf... but I need to wait until its value to be loaded.
    I found this Expected Condition - textToBePresentInElementValue but hava some problems with its implementation.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Craig

      This is because, the wait time is not depended on js executed. You have use a wait time that needs to be js executed. So, you have to debug the js function calling and input wait with that js execute condition. I have resolved that type of issues(SharePoint sites have same issues with ajax) from following project ( I have used both java & c# webdriver code following this open source. If you need to know more code explanation, you can mail me your project.


  2. Your information about selenium is really interesting. Also I want to know the latest new techniques which are implemented in Selenium. Please update it in your website.
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    1. Thanks Peter, I wrote most of them in back 2012, New article will come very soon this year. So, keep in touch.

  3. Thanks sarker...Your useful for selenium studied methods.hadoop training in chennai.Awesome blogs...

  4. Hi Shantonu,
    How should i record Dropdown selection in selenium ide?
    Eg: When i Click on dropdown it record the selected option.I dont want that same value to be selected again when i am running TestScript again.It should allow user to select the new value.
    Thanks and Regards
    ---AjayKumar Yadav

    1. In that dont do default record, from firefox, if you open IDE, by right click, you can record particular step. So, break down, first, perform drop down selection , then item selection. For dynamic drop down , if you do default recording, you may not see item's proper ID, so , you have to use, xpath , recurrence which comes in tabular values.(absolute xpath) .... after recoding, add delays between them (implicit wait), if you are doing webdrive code, keep some delay to render that item population both drop down & select options. if you see, any ajax/JS calls in browser network traffic monitoring, you can put JS condition to have proper render time (in webdriver factory class using POM).
      (these are primary idea, you can mail me , with link and screenshot of you actions to have specific solutions)

  5. thanks for sharing. your blogs like complete chapter of knowledge. big thanks dude. im so excited on waiting you finish selenium tutorial

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