Configuring JMeter Part 5 - How to configure Results?

In this article we are going to see how can we change property of JMeter.
Jmeter has a very big number of properties. In this section we will see the result / report settings mention in jmeter.propertie.

In the jmeter installed bin directory(in my case C:\apache-jmeter-2.8\bin), we get a file named Open this with note pad. We can find various properties which are activated and some are not yet activated.

-To set results file type(xml/csv)

-To set encoding (default ISO-8859-1)

-To set saving parameters [True parameters will be saved][Only for CSV] [Not for CSV] [Save Response Data on fail] HH:mm:ss.SSS[our choice]\t[For TAB character separator for CSV, a comma , is also accepted] [CSV only]

-To see results with Nano Second Parameter

-To disable the background thread[result threads]
Note: Values >=0 will keep the thread sleep (Nano Second Unit.)

-To Save the start time stamp (Instead of the end)[Effective for result files also]

-To save list variable names with values in the result data files, we use commas to separate the names.
[Note :  Currently it saves the values in XML as attributes,so the names must be valid XML names]

-To set network response size in calculation method
Note : Size = Number of bytes for response body return by web server. If it is false, the (uncompressed) response data size will used (default before jmeter 2.5)
Include headers: Add the headers size in real size

-To set Prefix to identify file names that are relative to the current base

This will be long post as all specification depends on client. I will try to add more from further experiences. 



  1. Hi,
    Even after all optimization my jtl file size is around 4GB.
    Can you please suggest any method to process jtl file and generate nice load report for analysis purpose.

    I am getting out of memory error while processing it as described in ant configuration. Xmx size is configured as 6GB

    1. 1. Try to store less item in JTL (configure what you need)
      2. use CI plugins to execute long running test (performance plugins (jenkins) or taurus( for continuous data feed and read.
      3. If you still need to read 4GB jtl , use 12Gb+ heap with multi threaded jtl reader , so that your VM dont get crashed.