Configuring JMeter Part 17 - Mailer Model/Load sampler

 In this article we are going to see how can we configure jmeter by changing property of JMeter. In this section we will see the different settings for Mailer Model/Load sampler in

In the jmeter installed bin directory(in my case C:\apache-jmeter-2.8\bin), we get a file named Open this with note pad.

----------------Mailer Model configuration-------
(It is kind of Listener, it will be useful if we integrate mailing system/logging )

-To set the number of successful samples before a message is sent

-To set Number of failed samples before a message is sent

------------------- LDAP Sampler configuration----------------------------
-To set the Max number of search results to be sorted(0=turn off all sorting)

-To set the Number of characters to log for each of three sections (a value of 100 means a maximum of 300 characters of diff text will be displayed)
Note:A number of extra characters needed like "..." and "[[["/"]]]" which are used to decorate it.

-To set test written out to log to signify start/end of diff delta

I will try to provide example for this part.

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