Implementing Crystal Report using UDL

How to make a crystal report ? .

Language: C# (dot net 2.0)
Database: SQL 2005 Express

Useful links:

Simply follow the steps…..
1. Make a new file with extension (any name) *..udl In you solution Folder.( Creating a link file for report communication)
2. Double Click to configure. Choose SQL Native Client

3. Then next tab connection

Here Pc Name: BJIT-0667A6AC89
SQL 2005 Server instance: SQLEXPRESS

Database name: UniversityAutomation

4. Press ok to end up making link file.
5. Go to your development code
6. Take a form ( blank)
7. Take component from form tool box ( choose Crystal reports -> CrystalReportViewer) & drop to your form

8. Right click on report sowing form choose create report ( new)


10. Create new connection Select OLE DB (ADO)

11. Select SQL Native Client ( Higilight)
12. Click DATA LINK Filter
13. From (…) Show the path of created link file.
14. Click NEXT

Serve : pc name\sql client name ( Example: BJIT-0667A6AC89\SQLEXPRESS)

16. It will automatically get the database.

17. Choose Next & Finish

18. Next steps are configuring the report (May 7)
These depend on Requirements

19. Editing

From there you can easily find the components to show.

Final: How to show a report
Now you have to just LOAD your form from any (May main) form to show as you configure.

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