javaws - Java Web Start launcher

In this article we are going to elaborate the javaws command tool which is a part of JAVA commands (comes with jre/jdk package). This article is the continuation of this previous article.

As we know the standard format of commands in java, the javaws command also have the format(in command prompt).
javaws [options]
javaws [options] [URL] 
javaws [options] [jnlp-file]

javaws (Java Web Start launcher) launches Java Web Start, a reference implementation of JNLP(Java Network Launching Protocol). It launches Java applications/applets hosted on a network.
-Without any options javaws will launch the JNLP Application Manager, from which users can launch applications/applet or configure Java Web Start.
-With a URL specified for a JNLP , javaws will launch the Java application/applet specified in the JNLP file.

javaws Options : All -X options are non-standard options.
-online : Runs in online mode (default behavior).
-offline : Runs Java Web Start in offline mode.
-viewer : Runs the Java Application Cache Viewer.
-uninstall : The entire cache is removed
-uninstall [URL] : Removes a specific application/applet from the user's cache(URL in JNLP file). -updateVersions : Updates the Java Web Start configuration file.
-system : Uses the system cache.
-wait : The javaws process will not exit until the application exits.

import [Import options] [jnlp file]: Imports the application specified by URL into the user's cache but does not run it.  The Import options are
silent : imports in silent mode( no UI pop up).
codebase [url] : Replaces the code base with [url] in the jnlp file specified when importing the  resources
system : Uses the system cache instead of the user cache.
shortcut : Creates shortcuts during silent import.
association : Creates the associations during silent import.
-open [arguments] : If specified, replaces the arguments in the jnlp file with -open [arguments].
-print [arguments] :  If specified, replaces the arguments in the jnlp file with -print [arguments].

-userConfig [property name] : Clears the specified deployment property.
-userConfig [property name] [property value] : Sets the specified deployment property to the specified value.

-J[option] : Passes option to the java launcher by javaws

-Xclearcache: Clears the user's cache.
-Xnosplash : Disables the display of the initial splash screen.

This commands are widely used for jnlp specified application running and deployment.


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