Setting up Robotium in Eclipse

In this article, we are going to see how to install Robotium In Eclipse.We will use robotium for android application testing using code base or stand alone apk. I will provide separate post for how to code. Let's make environment ready.

Step 1. Install android SDK. See my this post.

Step 2. Download Robotium : Download latest robotium and java doc from this link . As we will perform detail analysis on robotium, you may download the source from this github link. I use zipped source.

Step 3 : Adding Robotium to the project : In this step, we will see how to create robotium project. Robotium is an extended Android JUnit package. So,
-Run Eclipse
-From file > New >Project
-Select Android Test Project [Under Android Folder, with Junit logo]
 Screenshot Link 
-Add a project name(ex-ShantonuTestRobo)
-Select This Project(not under any existing project)
-Select an android version( I choose 4.1.2) and click Finish. So we will find like this.

Now , we have to add downloaded library. For this, right click on project and select properties.
 -From property window, select Java Build Path.
-Click Libraries
-Click Add external JARs and show the downloaded path of robotium solo jar.
-You may add Java Doc and downloaded source files. It will help advance unit testers.
Screenshot for JavaDoc
Screenshot for Source Adding.

Step 4 : Add a class under package of the source file . We will see two ways to write robotium unit test cases. I will post separately with codes.

Now we are ready environment to start coding with Robotium for Unit testing.

Note : To prevent java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError export the robotium library. To export any library go to project properties > java build path > order and export . Now select robotium and press ok. 



  1. Hi,
    I have seen your blog. Really it is very nice. I am new to automation domain as i have only manual testing experience.shall i use same set-up of eclipse which is used for core-java programming for Robotium set-up.