Extracting info from java Exception-Trace messages by Regular Expression

In this article, we are going to see how can we extract information from a Exception/Trace messages using Regular Expression. This is regular basis need, spatially when you are analyzing a trace message that you found after a automated test process or unit test.For basic idea about regular expression, see my previous post.

So, when we analysis a trace message, we have to retrieve information from a single trace message from trace stack. I am providing an simple example with an android trace message.

at widget.List.fillFrom(ListView.java:709)

In here, the format of the trace is packageName.className.methodName(FileName:lineNumber)

So, by construction all type of names that are used in java are made of alphabets, so the expression of every name will be [a-zA-Z]+.(any character, single of multiple which are are under rage of a-z, A-Z)
Every line number may have single character to 4/5 character(if we write very long class). So , for line number the expression will be \d+(any digit more than 1 time)

Now, let's look at the message, it begins with at and have a space then the original message.
And in the end it closes with ).
And after every name there is a Character(dot character or braces) .
So if we add those conditions together, we get these

Now we group our necessary items that we need to get from the expression. As we want package  name, class name, method name, file name, line number

If we do not want package name and class name , we just omit the braces.

So, in this way we can get our necessary information from a expression .

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