I am using Jmeter from 2011 and my post related to using, tweaking, configuring and developing jmeter are listed here. Recently I have reviewed(technical reviewer)  Two good books for Jmeter from Packt Publishers . Here is the link for book one . And the review. I have reviewed Jmeter Cookbook technically, here is the link for book two.

JMeter, A complete web Performance Testing Tool:
A. Basics :
An Introduction to JMeter
Stress Testing in JMeter
How to manage User Agents in JMeter
Testing Web Service(SOAP/XML-RPC) using JMeter
How to perform Load testing in JMeter
How to install plugins in JMeter
How ro run JMeter with a proxy?
How run JMeter in different modes?
How to record steps for load test in JMeter?
How to distribute test in jmeter?
What is HTTP Request Defaults? Why we use it
What is HTTP Header Manager? Why we use it
What are the Timers in JMeter?
Reports/Listeners in JMeter
What are the Post Processors in JMeter?
What is JDBC Connection Configuration? Why we use this.
How many users jmeter can support? 

B. Configuration :  
Configuring JMeter Part 1 : JTL File Loading Thread, User Properties for Plugins on CSV format, Custom Libraries, Debugging
Configuring JMeter Part 2: Http sampler behaviors
Configuring JMeter Part 3 : Host and RMI configurations,
Configuring JMeter Part 4 : Log Configuration
Configuring JMeter Part 5: Result Configuration
Configuring JMeter Part 6: Protocols (Http & Https )
Configuring JMeter Part 7: Recording Proxy Server 
Configuring JMeter Part 8 : Network Proxy 
Configuring JMeter Part 9 : Parsers (Http Sampler Response, HTML , WML, Text)
Configuring JMeter Part 10: Batch processing , timing, buffing
Configuring JMeter Part 11:TCP sampler
Configuring JMeter Part 12 : BeanShell Server, Initialization , Defining
Configuring JMeter Part 13: Class-path , Properties
Configuring JMeter Part 14 : CSV Data read, data set, time
Configuring JMeter Part 15:Summary Results
Configuring JMeter Part 16 : Cookie Manager
Configuring JMeter Part 17 : Mailer Model, Load Sampler
Configuring JMeter Part 18:  Jmeter Engine, Misc (some others)
Configuration that I work with JMeter : Bat configuration, different properties.

C: Advance
BeanShell Server commands in Jmeter
How to parameterize jmeter?
Driver classes & Database URLs for JDBC Drivers
How to load test MS SQL Server in JMeter?
JMeter Load Testing with Cassandra/MySql/Derby/SQLite/Ingres/PostgreSQL/Oracle/MS Access
JMeter Tips and Tricks
JMeter Tips and Tricks : Part-2
How to make reports(and comments) in Jmeter?
How can we parametrize host Information in Jmeter?
How to get current time in Jmeter?
How to write log in jmeter?
How to read file in jmeter?
How to access Jmeter Properties ?
How to run BeanShell/JavaScript/JEXL in Jmeter?
String operations with jmeter functions
Regular Expression with Jmeter Function
Calculation with Jmeter functions
Test Plan-Thread-sample information using Jmeter
Function Helper in Jmeter
How to test Web Service (SOAP) with HTTPS(with credential)? 
How to get Session id/ JSON id / Cookie id / token/ view state?

D: Plug Ins / 3rd Party Ad-dons. 
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn-Threads
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn-Logic Controlr
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Config elements
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn - Timer
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Post Processors
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Pre Processors
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Listeners
Introduction to JMeter Google PlugIn- Sampler
PerfMon-JMeter Server Monitoring PlugIn

Client Side Performance Testing : With Jmeter
How to perform client side web performance testing in JMeter?
How to run multiple version of firefox in windows for automation?
JMeter Client side performance testing : How to write web driver sampler code?
How to debug steps in Jmeter Webdriver sampler?
Jmeter webdriver sampler code style

E: Development : 
Extending Jmeter existing components to make own application Specific Jmeter
Introduction to Jmeter Plugin Development
Getting started with Jmeter Development
Jmeter Code overview?
How to customize Jmeter for your web application?

With CI system
How to run with Jenkins?
How to run with Fitnesse?
How to setup environment parametrized distributed system? How to collect results?


  1. Very nice blog!!! i thought u r from India and I was wrong u r from Bangladesh. really nice blog

  2. Hi Shantonu....

    I would like to thank for the information provided..Its very clear and understandable format...

    Could you please help me to learn more in LoadRunner performance tool.

    1. yes, sure. contact me over mail, start with basic web application.

  3. Hi Shantonu,

    I am going through your Blog, it's very nice and helpful. I have been assigned with the task of Performance Testing on a chat application. Can you please let me know how to approach and what should ideally be the test parameters?

    1. Hi

      for chat application, you need to know how and which protocol the chat is using. (usually websocket), then use jmeter's samplers (use plugins) associate with your needs. (like UDP).



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