This page is fully dedicated for Misc Software Development, that means not core development areas, but the technologies that we need to know beside software development like as Regular Expressions , Version control, Continuous Integration, Software Tracking, software technology ideas etc. My All posts related to side technologies with Software Development Posts will be listed here.

Development Ideas : 
1.Video Conferencing in Mobile

Regular Expression :
1. Introduction to Regular Expression
2. How to extract data from Email
3. Extracting info from java Exception-Trace messages
4. How to validate link with Regular Expression?

Git(Client) & Git Hub: Version Control
1. What is Git & Git Hub
2. Git Architecture
3. How to install GIT in Windows
4. Git Commands for Development following Git System
5. Git Tips & Tricks.

Calabash - Android (Local and Cloud)
1. How to install calabash in windows or Linux?

Server Tips : 
1. How to connect Ubuntu Desktop Remotely

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