This page is fully dedicated on Test Automation. I do not believe in the idea of Tests can be automated but checks can be automated. So, basically, this page is for automation checking. This include tool based automation as well as code/unit test based automation.
And, I strongly believe, to be a good automation tester, you need to be a expert tester. Yes, be an expert tester first , then you will know what to automate. Programming language is a tool for tester used for automation. I have seen lots of crappy automation tester who are neither a good developer not a good tester.
And, I also think, automation is necessary for scaling a QA skills up, as it save a lot of time to do more complex tasks. Automation has boosted my career a lot to more R&D, experiments & learning. So, I will be putting all of them to gather here except selenium work is in separate page

 Software Testing(Basic, pillar of all activity)
1. Introduction to software testing
2. How to report a bug
3. What is Bug Cycle
4. How to prepare a Test Plan
5. What is PreQA or Dev testing in Agile
6 Bug priority in Agile(KANBAN/Scrum),UTP Method
7. What is Exploratory Testing?
8. What is Adhoc Testing? How to do it.
9. What is L10N testing(Localization)? How to do it
10.What is Load Testing? How to do it
11. What is Stress Testing? How to do it
12. What is Deployment Testing?
13. What are the major web elements?

Management Tools :
Trello: Issue Tracker , Project Management tool

1. Trello Ins & Outs
2. Kanban/Scrum Project Manage board Example & Explanation -1
3. Kanban/Scrum Project Manage board Example & Explanation -2
4. Kanban/Scrum Project Manage board Example & Explanation -3 

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 Thanks.. :)

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